Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jeremy Lin-sanity!!

I'm sure you guys heard about Jeremy Lin. Even me, who's not a big NBA fan know who he is. Being the first Asian-American NBA player, the 23 years old Harvard graduate led the New York Knicks on a winning streak.

Check out the latest Jeremy merchandise from Nike. I'm sure we will be seeing more endorsements. Whatever it is, I'm sure they will be in high demand.

I love the colours!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Grid - Best designed newspaper in the world

Congrat's to The Grid! When I first picked you up back in May 2011, I knew I was reading, according to me, not only something special but also a very 'good looking' newspaper : )

For those who doesn't know: The Grid is a Toronto-focused weekly arts, news and culture newspaper. It was formally Eye Weekly. It comes out every Thursday - and it's FREE!

The Grid was recently named the world's best designed newspaper for their circulation size by the Society of News Design. They recognizes excellence in visual journalism. I think it's pretty cool and a big deal for a publication that's not even a year old to be recognize for this award.

Here's what the panel of judges had to say about The Grid:

The more time you spend with this guerrilla guide, the more “good shit” shows up. The engaged writing, smart editing and heavy research is done in a young, sophisticated voice and executed while obviously having great fun. The design is minimalistic and the cool, restrained and exclusive fonts are Tiempo for body copy, and the logo face and display fonts are Fakt.

What really makes this publication a different visual experience for the reader are the many tiny informative graphic details throughout the pages. It must be extremely time-consuming doing these pages, but it works so well for the reader. Specific keywords are highlighted with yellow; small locator maps show where to find the spot mentioned in the presentation; on one page appears a visual guide on how to dress “Dad-rock” style, supplemented with the ruthless caption “Facial hair is not necessary, but always appreciated.” Another fine detail is the hand-drawn portraits on the bylines. All these details could make the paper a mess — but it’s not. The overall look is perfectly consistent and clean.

The Grid also surprises with sparse but great inside photography on full spreads. Our favorite was the fantastic photo of a line at a hotdog stand — and the photo goes on through four straight pages. This is a wonderful surprise for the reader.

This publication really catches you and it will not let you go. Any big city with respect for itself should get a “good shit” guerrilla guide like this. Right now.
I couldn't agree more with them - every point!!

I am a big fan! I pick it up every Thursday morning on my way to work. I always look forward to seeing what the cover's going to look like. I love the content/stories - always very informative/interesting. I love the clean layout and all those tiny informative graphics (I learn so much from it). I love that there are so many colour photographs - it sometime feels like I'm flipping through a magazine. As a designer myself, I really appreciate all the details throughout the pages! Lovely job - keep it up!

One of my favourite sections: Street Level - Asking people on the street a question. I always wish I would be approach by a staff from The Grid when I am in the city. I would love to be in an issue and be a part of an award winning newspaper : )

Congrat's once again, The Grid - definitely well deserved!

To all my readers, if you love Toronto and want to read a well-designed publication - go and check out The Grid! You'll enjoy it!

The Grid - Covers

One of my favourite section - Street Level (Bottom right hand corner)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Diesel Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

I was flipping through a fashion magazine recently and got a bit excited when I saw the latest ad from my favourite, Diesel! I quickly went online to check out the rest of the campaign.

After Be Stupid and Diesel Island (past season campaigns), Diesel is back in the studio. The Spring Summer 2012 ad campaign was photographed by Mert & Marcus.

I've always love Diesel's advertisements - their concept, visual and imagery are just the best. And they didn't disappoint this season. The campaign tag line is: Portraits For Successful Living. This time around the campaign seems to be a play on misproportion - models pose with oversized and miniature props. Diesel, like other of their past campaigns likes to have fun and doesn't take themselves too serious.

The images are so beautifully captured and quite amusing .... loved them!!

I also have to point out - there's an ASAIN model!! lol (not very often do you see that)
Her name is Liu Wen and is currently ranked No. 6 in the fashion world. She recently walked the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion show - the very first Asian model to do so!! Very cool!!

Liu Wen
Liu Wen

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Incase - Spring 2012

I'm really liking what Incase is offering for all our gadgets. I currently already own an Incase iphone case and laptop sleeve. I'm definitely looking into adding to my Incase collection. Incase's stuff are not only very cool looking but more importantly their product protect's your stuff! It's tag line says it all: A better experience through good design.

The latest series of bags from the Spring 2012 _Anywhere campaign is the Terra Collection. It come in two colours - Powder Grey and Blue Denim. There is the Campus Packs, Tote Bags and laptop sleeves.

I really like the Campus Packs (the blue denim with the cool orange lining inside) I especially like all the separate compartments for the accessories, ie. battery charger, mouse, etc...

Love these products! They let users carry their possessions easily and letting creavtivity to take place anywhere.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Marni at H&M

Another designer collaboration with H&M is coming up very soon... March 8, 2012 to be exact.

The new collaboration is with the Italian brand Marni. The founder and creative director Consuelo Castiglioni has created a Spring collection for both women and men. The collection will features both clothing and accessories. The collection will feature "all-over prints in strong colours all intended to be worn together in layers that both match and clash."

"For women, the colours are vivid and the prints are bold, African inspired or simpler colour blocks. The Silouettes are all Marni staples, with full pleated skirts, dresses, cropped trousers and jacquard knit, and fabrics range from silk to crisp cotton poplin. To finish the complete look the collection also includes jewellery, shoes bags and scarves."

"And for the men, the colours and fabrics are softened for a relaxed take on menswear staples that is truly Marni. The use of print is subtle, often as a lining or as a contrast detail for shirts, the silhouette a modern and relaxed take on masculine classics."

Check out the ad campaign and commercial/film shot by Academy Award winner Sofia Coppola.

Liking what I see in the film, and can't wait to see the full collection!

Ad campaign

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Swatch Valentine's Watches

Valentine's Day is fast approaching- check out these very cute watches from Swatch - a perfect gift for your loved one. There's the red one 'Catch My Heart' and the pink one 'Lovely Mine'.

I really like the fun and simple illustration on them. They are about $60 US each. Happy Heart day!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

David Beckham Bodywear launches & arrival at H&M!

If you're a fan of H&M and their collaborations like I am, I'm sure you know - David Beckham's Bodywear collection is now in store! Check out the collection here. The prices ranges from $14.95 (Briefs) to $39.95 (Long Johns). I've already picked up some stuff : )

Check out some of the marketing/design stuff done for the lauch of the collection.
Here are some campaign photos from my previous posting.

The logo's pretty simple. The circle cut out makes it a little more interesting. I wonder what it represents? I'm thinking a soccer ball??!

To celebrate the launch, H&M placed giant shopping bags across hotspots in London - very nice and fun idea!

Giant bag in Tower Bridge in London.

Check out the commercial that will air during the superbowl this weekend.

Check out the store windows and in-store display (pictures I took):

Window Display - no need for manniquins - lol

Decal on floor leading to the David Beckham Bodywear Collection.

Mini Brochures you can pick up at H&M.

The launch Day at a H&M store in London:

Used naked gold statues of David in the store.

I have a feeling this long term partnership with H&M will do very well. With its mass-targeted price point and allowing everybody to have a bit of Beckham = really good idea, a no brainer for H&M. When David did a campaign with Armani underwear from 2007-2009, he doubled Armani's sales!

The collection sold exclusively at H&M will develop seasonally with new styles, new fabrics and new pattern. I'm already looking forward to it.....