Thursday, February 2, 2012

David Beckham Bodywear launches & arrival at H&M!

If you're a fan of H&M and their collaborations like I am, I'm sure you know - David Beckham's Bodywear collection is now in store! Check out the collection here. The prices ranges from $14.95 (Briefs) to $39.95 (Long Johns). I've already picked up some stuff : )

Check out some of the marketing/design stuff done for the lauch of the collection.
Here are some campaign photos from my previous posting.

The logo's pretty simple. The circle cut out makes it a little more interesting. I wonder what it represents? I'm thinking a soccer ball??!

To celebrate the launch, H&M placed giant shopping bags across hotspots in London - very nice and fun idea!

Giant bag in Tower Bridge in London.

Check out the commercial that will air during the superbowl this weekend.

Check out the store windows and in-store display (pictures I took):

Window Display - no need for manniquins - lol

Decal on floor leading to the David Beckham Bodywear Collection.

Mini Brochures you can pick up at H&M.

The launch Day at a H&M store in London:

Used naked gold statues of David in the store.

I have a feeling this long term partnership with H&M will do very well. With its mass-targeted price point and allowing everybody to have a bit of Beckham = really good idea, a no brainer for H&M. When David did a campaign with Armani underwear from 2007-2009, he doubled Armani's sales!

The collection sold exclusively at H&M will develop seasonally with new styles, new fabrics and new pattern. I'm already looking forward to it.....

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