Monday, February 24, 2014

Stuff I Wore - #Outfie

Trying something new for this 'Stuff I Wore' posting. Since it's not always easy to have someone take pics for me, all these pics are taken by myself = 'outfie'!

For this particular outfit, I think 'outfie' actually works best because of the print/pattern. Taking outfie was quite fun, testing out different angles and trying to make the pic more interesting. Hope you'll enjoy them.

This outfit included top from Jack & Jones and pants from the Gap.

Love this pocket t from Jack & Jones, Originals! From far it looks like there are polka dots all over, however if you look closer, they're actually skulls - fun!!

These camo pants was from the latest Gap collection with GQ, which featured 4 best new menswear designers in America. You can read more about that from my past posting here. The pants is by Baldwin. I love the colours and the subtleness of the camo print. I also really like the pockets on the front of the pants.

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