Sunday, February 16, 2014

Calvin Klein Fragrance Press Breakfast


If you're following me on twitter, you'd know how much I like to enter giveaways/contest. By the way, FYI, I will be doing a giveaway myself here on the blog, so check back soon!

So glad that I entered this one - it was through Dave Lackie, editor of BEAUTY the guide. (Follow him, he does a lot of giveaways.) I was one of the lucky winners and the prize was to attend an exclusive press preview (for only beauty editors & journalists) of Calvin Klein's latest women's fragrance Endless Euphoria. It was held at The Gardiner Museum in Toronto last week. Not only did it included a seated breakfast, the creator/perfumer Bruno Jovanovic was there too!

A beautiful set up

To be honest, I wasn't too farmilliar with the perfume business. However after attending this great event and getting to sit in on an interview wtih Bruno Jovanovic, my view towards perfume changed - for the good. I now appreciate scent more and will look more into cologne and will probably wear them more often.

Being welcomed with smoothies!
Endless Euphoria beautifully displayed

Bruno being asked about Endless Euphoria

Bruno Jovanovic is a big deal in the fragrance world. He has created or collaborated on the following: CK IN2U Him for Calvin Klein, Island Hawaii for Michael Kors, IDOLE d'Armani for Giorgio Armani, Lady Million for Paco Rabanne, just to name a few. He also created Fierce for Abercombie and Fitch! I love that scent and had no idea that Bruno created it too! Fierce was actually my very first cologne purchase ever. And now, I got to meet the creator - how cool?! He was such a nice guy!

We were seated right across from the perfumer Bruno!

Dave & Bruno
Sandy (other contest winner), Bruno & Me!
A little about Endless Euphoria. The fragrance is feminine, fruity and floral. It's refreshingly light and radiant. It opens with an intoxicating breeze of cherry blossoms, tipped with refreshing mandarin and bergamot. The heart blooms with beguiling floral notes of violet, pastel rose and syringa. At the base, bamboo, sandalwood, and bare musk exude a dream-like seduction. Sounds good, ladies? Go and give it a try - available now.

The 2 David's : )
I had an awesome time at the event. It was such a cool experience. Nice venue. Beautiful set up. Breakfast was yummy. All the guest/staff were great! Thank you again to Dave Lackie! Check out all my pics - just try not to drool over the food shots : )


Entree: French toast, too pretty to eat : )

Entree: Eggs benedict


  1. You know how to make me jealous but also very happy for you to have won an exclusive press preview with Calvin Klein.I follow Dave Lackie everywhere and enter his contests.Hoping to win one.Now I will follow you too and maybe ,just maybe I might win some awesome fragrances too .Thanks so much for this awesome review and beautiful pictures and an opportunity to read this.I enjoyed this very much.

    1. Hello Wanda, Thanks for checking out my blog/post and great comment! You're very welcome - sorry, made you jealous : ) Thanks for your support. Wish you Good luck on the giveaways. Take care.

  2. Wow, what a lovely set up! I can't believe you got to meet Dave Lackie! So lucky!