Sunday, February 23, 2014

Heys Latest - Goodbye Boring Luggages

I had no idea?!
Heys produced the Olympic Team luggage for Sochi 2014 - cool, eh?

I've always been a fan of Heys products especially their luggages. Check out my past postings here. If you're planning on any travelling or in the market for a new luggage, make sure to check out Heys!

Heys' luggages are always so interesting and cool looking - my kind of style. I like not only the design thinking behind the luggages, ie. Lightweight Pro and the Smart Luggage, but also love the design/creatives printed on them. Say goodbye to boring luggages, time to stand out from the the crowd and travel in style!

Check out some of my fav and latest luggages from Heys - they're just so fun! I might just have to pick one up, but so hard to decide. Also, don't you think it's kind of a shame to only use them only for travelling/vacations purposes? I think we should start a trend and use them (the carry-on size) more often like when going out to do your groceries or shopping at the malls - why not, right? : )

Below are a limited edition Series of luggage created by Canadian designer Karim Rashid - Organik Set. It's imprinted with his signature style of hypnotic colourful swirls. He referred as a "digipop" pattern, the graphic aims to embody his visualisation of the global information age through its sound-wave light aesthetic. They will be available exclusively at Sears in March 2014 or online through Heys.

Below are luggages created by Brazilian-born renowned digital artist/illustrator Fernando Volken Togni - World Map & The Cities. His intricate compositions and bold use of colour are influenced by the observation of details and daily life. Through vivid colours and sharp shapes, Fernando forms an eye catching organized chaos.

World Map Set - designed to showcase different parts of the world, and when
put side by side, the entire set form the full world map!

Cities Set - designed to celebrate 3 famous cities: New York, London and Paris.

More great looking luggages from Heys.

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