Friday, August 2, 2013

Pop Quiz - My Taping Day

My taping day for Pop Quiz had come and gone. It was a long day – a some what nerve-racking one but mostly exciting. It was actually a lot of fun! Who knew? My knowledge and love for pop culture had given me the opportunity to be on a game show! I can now cross that off my bucket list.

I still can’t believe it happened. It was such a cool experience I definitely won’t forget. I also met some great people during the process. And for the very first time, I had make-up on! That was interesting. Oh, the stuff we have to do to be on TV.

It was so nice to have my family there in the audience cheering me on. It really meant a lot. Love you guys! For all those who couldn’t make it, no worries, you will be able to catch me in action come Fall. Pop Quiz will be airing on the E! Network. Yep, the same network as Keeping up with the Kardashians! : )

For those who would like to experience the excitement of a live studio audience, you can still do so. Free tickets are available through August 7th. However, just so you know, it may not be as fun, since I won’t be there, kidding. 

You’ll have an awesome time – the production team is the greatest! Plus, you'll be able to meet the host of Pop Quiz, Devon Soltendieck and may even end up being on TV!

Stay tuned and check back here, I will keep you guys posted as to when Pop Quiz will air and exactly when I will be on TV! How exciting……

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