Monday, February 14, 2011

"Never Wasted" Shopping Bag

Many companies now a day are trying to be more environmentally friendly. One way for the retailers is to covert their plastic bags into paper ones.  However the jeans company Lee went a step forward.

Lee created the "Never Wasted" shopping bag! It's not only a bag made of recycled paper, the bag can be used and reused in one way or another. Some for fun, some for function, and nothing goes into the trash. They made it fun and interactive. It's a game, a pencil holder, a calendar and a lot more!

I think retailers should really put more thought into their shopping bags. Why not make them nice, fun, attractive and reuse-able? Hello retailer?? It's pretty much free advertising when people carry them around. I like what Urban Outfitters does to their shopping bag, you can read and check them out here.

Great job Lee for creating a cool looking and most definitely a very creative shopping bag!! Now, where can I get one?

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