Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life is a Special Occasion

I really like the new tag line Hallmark came up with, "Life is a Special Occasion". It is letting consumers know that Hallmark has products that can meet their needs every day of the year and not just all about the big occasions. I think it's a perfect line!

With this new tag line, comes with a new look and feel Hallmark is showing consumers this year. It's very fun and contemporary looking- which I'm really liking. Make sure to visit your nearest Hallmark cards store and check it out.

Not sure if you know, I do work as a designer for Hallmark. So, please keep me employ and always buy your greeting cards (and other gifts/products) from Hallmark!! : )

A side-note, for those Dollarama shoppers, some locations do carry Hallmark cards! Hallmark's bargain card line is called Sentimental Studio (make sure that's what is on the back of the card).

So, remember: "Life is a Special Occasion". Go out to your nearest Hallmark store today and get something special for that special someone in your life : )


  1. David I created this design for Hallmark! and you put it on your blog???? WHY?!?!?!??! Pretending that it's your creation???

  2. Hello Anonymous.
    thank you for checking out my blog.

    who are you? you work for Hallmark??

    well, I posted up the design because I like it.
    (that's what a blog's all about- things I like)

    I never said that I created the design.(if you had read the posting)

    If you did indeed created this design- Good job!