Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My thoughts on The Green Hornet

The main reason I went to watch The Green Hornet was because of the very popular Asian signer, Jay Chou. You know, I gotta go support - Asian actors  : )

I wasn't expecting too much but surprisingly I enjoyed the movie. It was well-paced, had some good action sequences, some funny moments and overall, quite entertaining. The chemistry between Seth Rogen and Jay Chou's character was pretty good. Even though, sometimes I did find it hard making out what Jay Chou was saying. But overall, I thought he did an okay job. ( I do prefer him more as a singer) The characters Seth and Jay played was very fun and like-able. I would have love to be their friends!

Stay a little bit for the end credits, some pretty cool graphic used. Which I thought should really have been shown during the opening credits, oh well .......... here are some posters created for the movie.

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  1. I'm interested in seeing this. Thanks for the review!