Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Beretta Kitchen Catered Birthday Dinner!

It's my birthday! With my adorable nephew - we match! : )

I wanted to share with you a very special birthday celebration I had! I entered this contest organized by Beretta Farms. We were asked to snap a selfie with one of their products at the local grocery store where Beretta products are sold. I submitted my pic. Then we had to encourage our followers, friends and family to like it. The entry with the most likes WINS a Beretta catered dinner for 10! And guess who won? ME! : ) Thanks to all who helped out, liked my pic and made this happened!

The winning selfie!

Beretta Kitchen Catering - their food are made from scratch, with the freshest and finest ingredients including the exclusive use of premium Beretta products. They pride themselves on using the best natural and organic products when available. You can check out their website here. Having a personal chef & server coming into your home and cooking your meal from your kitchen and then serving the food right to your table - what a great treat, right?! Not only do they do dinner parties, they also cater for corporate lunches, weddings and everything in between.  I really think everyone should definitely give Beretta Kitchen a try - It was such a neat experience!

The win couldn't had come at a better time - my birthday was November 28! And what a nice way to celebrate it! Check out all the pics below and what was on the menu - yummy! Thank you to my sister for hosting it. Thanks to the people from Beretta Kitchen for organizing and coordinating this catered dinner - what a great team you have! It was a lovely birthday with delicious food and great company! Definitely a birthday I'll always remember, thank you ALL!

Server setting up.
Beautiful plate setting.

Drinks being served.
Chef Mike cooking in my sister's kitchen.

Happy guest already to eat!

Appetizer about to be plated.
Appetizer being served.

Appetizer: Fennel, orange, arugula salad with toasted almonds,
roasted shallot vinaigrette.

Chef Mike cooking!
Chef Mike plating the main.

Main: Roasted smoked chicken with leek and mushroom risotto,
garlic chili broccolini.

Nephew enjoying his kid friendly dish.
Chef Mike plating the dessert.

Dessert: Olive oil cake with white wine poached pears and crème anglaise.

How great of Beretta Kitchen? I mentioned that it was my birthday and Chef Mike's wife
made this beautiful & delicious cake for me! It's a strawberry caramel cheesecake.

Thank you chef Mike!
Thank you server Marlon.

Group shot! Good times had by all! Thank you!

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