Friday, May 10, 2013

Stuff I Wore - Comfy Day

I'm starting a new posting segment on my blog! It called 'Stuff I Wore'. If you've be following, I've kind of been doing it before on Instagram. However, I've decided to include more pics and details about the outfit. For example, info like where I got the items, reasons I got them, and if I remembered, will even include the cost. Since I always keep an eye out for great deals! Note: I hardly ever buy anything at regular price. And yes, I do have LOTS of clothes! : )

It'll be lots of fun (for me) sharing my love for fashion, and a chance to be a model. FYI, not an easy job - lol.

I love clothes and putting together outfits. Hope you'll enjoy them and hopefully my outfits will somehow inspire you in some way : ) Please let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you, good or bad, I'm fine with that. Fashion is subjective and all about having fun!

Here it goes - this outfit was taken a few weeks back (noticed the snow). I will love to thanks my sister, she's my photographer (taken with my iphone) and art directed by me : ) Her help and patience is greatly appreciated. I can be pretty picky, lol. Enjoy!

It's one of those comfy day: hoody, jeans and sneakers.

Hoodie from Adidas, Jeans from Gap, Orange layer T from American Eagles Outfitters and sneakers from Converse.

Love this comfy grey hoodie from Adidas. Simple but the addition of the cute patch makes it fun.

Accessories: Watch from Casio, got it from the Gap, Green bracelet from Aeropostale, Belt from Bench.

Photos by May Chiu

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