Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summerlicious - Toula Restaurant

The last restaurant I tried out during this past Summerlicious was the Toula Restaurant at Westin Harbour Castle. Yep - the one high atop Toronto's financial district, on the 38th floor. For more info and what was on the menu, click here. We went for their $20 lunch.

It was a nice summer day that day, so the view overlooking Lake Ontario was beautiful! The environment, speaking mainly of the decor was ok. I wasn't a big fan of it - good thing the view made up for it. The service was friendly and the Italian food was very tasty. It's definitely worth checking out. From the 38th floor = a one-of-a-kind dining experience!



in-house smoked salmon with caramelized red onion, caper and berries, drizzled with lemon and extra virgin olive oil
Cortina’s wild mushroom “Alessandro”
mushrooms lightly sautéed in rosemary and pinot grigio, on a bed of handmade polenta, topped with castel magno cheese fondue

“La Torre” 
eggplant mozzarella di buffala tower, oven baked & finished with fresh tomato and basil sauce
Stone pressed “arturo” grilled Cornish Hen
stone pressed, mustard crusted grilled cornish hen, served with sautéed spinach alla milanese with raisins and pine nuts

Veal Medallion “Serrenisimma”
slowly cooked veal medallion with fresh herb and pinot grigio, topped with asiago cheese fondue and sliced black truffle from Norcia, served with garlic and rosemary roasted potatoes
Toula classic homemade vanilla gelato “affogato” topped with espresso coffee

Toula classic tiramisu

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