Friday, July 15, 2011

My Hello! Stuff

I guess it's time to do some self promotion : ) Not sure if you guys had click on the Hello! stuff button to the left.....if yes, thanks! If you haven't, why not?? Go check my stuff out!!

Well, I started my own line of graphic t-shirts and accessories in late 2006 called Hello! stuff. It all started out with t-shirts and then grew to include buttons, magnets, greeting cards, tote bags, notebook, and most recently ties!

Newest designs - Panda wearing pants, and Sheeps wearing glasses

Ties! I hand silk screen printed them myself!!

The reason it began with graphic t-shirts was due to my love for them, I have TONS! I can pretty much wear a different T each day, for like, half of the year!! (I know - it's crazy!) I figured, it would be so cool if I have my own collection of Ts with my own design - even cooler if I see stranger's wearing them! I've always like to be a fashion designer - so I guess, this is pretty close : )

Older designs - Robots, Penguins, Pigeons, and Skulls

What's your favourite t-shirt design? It is t-shirt weather right now - why not get a Hello! stuff T? : )

Tote bag- Penguins
Tote bag- Robots
So, what you waiting for? Go click on the Hello! stuff button on the left!!! THANK YOU!!
Hello! stuff is fun, cool and I hope will put a smile on your face.

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