Friday, March 4, 2011

American Idol Top 13!

Not sure if you guys are following, but Idol is one of the many realities shows I enjoy watching. It's actually their 10th season this year. New thing this time around - 2 new judges: Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez ( she's so pretty! : ) joins Randy.  I don't mind them so far , Steven's fun to watch plus some great chemistry between him and Jenn.

The top 13 was just announced last night. I think the American people did pretty well. Definitely the most diverse group than past seasons, interms of their music style. Lot's of young/talented ones too.

My favourites that I will be rooting for are: Thia, Lauren and Stefano. What about you guys?

One thing I want to point out, not sure if you guys have noticed -  is the microphone the contestants uses.
There's a red logo on it. ( see it? at the end of the microphone, in the pic? ) I think it's 'Beats by Dr.Dre' logo! I thought he only did headphones? ( btw, I want one of those - ibeats ones) But anyways, I just thought it was such a smart/great use of logo placement.

Look's like it's going to be a great and interesting season. For more info on Idol, click here.

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