Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Headphones

For those who are into fitness especially cross training, or just working out at the gym, you should definitely check out the latest headphones from Jabra. Actually, they are more than just headphones!

The Jabra Sport Coach Wireless is the world's first wireless cross training solution with in-ear audio coaching and integrated TrackFit motion sensor. This portable in-ear training coach will be there to help you plan, track, coach, motivate and utimately push you to perform - all while listening to your favourite workout music and being freed from wires and cables, allowing you to focus on your workout without distraction.

It's like having your personal traning coach, anytime and anywhere! How great is that? Jabra Sport Coach helps you plan, track and analyze your cross training workouts, and gives you personalized and inspiring in-ear coaching as you workout. Whether you do push ups, sit ups or squats, it will be there to keep track, drive and coach you. It helps you plan your workout circuit, keep track of repetitions and time. If you combine your workout with running, it also measures your distance, pace, number of steps and the calories burnt. The Jabra Sport Coach allows you to set clear targets for your every workout session and for what matters to you, making every workout count, anywhere, anytime.

To keep you on track, you'll simply need to download the Jabra Sport Life app. It is where you'll be able to create your time or repeition based workout plan.

The best part when working out (for me) is the music. We all perform stronger to our favourite music. With up to 5.5 hours wireless music time you can get motivated by your favourite songs and hear them with Dolby sound enhancement without wires and cable getting in your way.

I have yet to create my peronalized workout plan however the headphones are great! They're light and gives great sound. The earbuds fits really well. And the best part - no need to worrying about cables or wires getting in the way!

The Sport Coach Wireless is now available at Best Buy Canada stores and on What do you think of this in-ear coaching idea?