Saturday, August 8, 2015

Chef's Plate - Meal Delivery Service

No time to groceries shop or to cook? Then you must check out Chef's Plate! Chef's Plate's mission is to put fun back into the kitchen. They're a meal delivery service based in downtown Toronto (but now deliver across Ontario) that delivers pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards for nutritious and affordable meals. They eliminate all the hassle and send you flavour packed meal kit designed by their Executive Chef that include as mentioned all the pre-portioned fresh ingredients to make a gourmet meal in 30 minutes or less!

How it works:
1. Discover recipes you'll love: 6 new recipes each week.

2. Select your plan: Choose from their 3 weekly plans and you'll receive a box of fresh, seasonal and pre-portioned ingredients with detailed recipes cards.

3. Chef's plate deliver all the ingredients: Deliveries occur every Monday. Meals are sent in a refrigerated box so your food stays fresh.

4. You cook a great meal! Use the detailed recipes cards and step-by-step instructions and you'll become a zero to kitchen hero!

They have the option of 2 Person Plan or a 4 Person plan, $10.95 per plate, very affordable! Definitely much cheaper and healthier than most take out.

I recently got a chance to try it out. FYI - I hardly ever cook so if I could do it - you would have nothing to worry about. The process was quite simple and actually pretty fun. It was very rewarding to see this beautiful plate of food at the end. My family was impressed. Plus, it was delicious! Everybody (stomach) was happy! Check out my beautiful finish product pic below!

You guys should definitely give Chef's Plate's a try! And just for my readers, use this special link when ordering - you will receive 2 FREE plates (or 1 meal kit) on your first order!!


Special delivery from Chef's Plate! Don't worry if you're not home to pick up your box. Your ingredients will stay fresh in your refrigerated box for up to 12 hours after the expected delivery time!

Fresh ingredients with ice packs.


My meal of choice that week: Marjoram Marinated Chicken with spinach linguine and a rapini lemon cream sauce. There's the recipe card along with all the ingredients which were nicely packaged and labelled - even the one garlic! ; )

Cooking & prepping in progress:



And the final product!! (drum rolls please...)

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