Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pack ID Packing Cube Set from Heys

A must have when travelling: The Pack ID, Packing Cubes
with Identification Sticker Labels.

Last month I went travelling. I visited Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore! I had an awesome time! Lots of walking around, shopping and the best part, eating! You can check out some of my travel pics on instagram. During this trip, there was no doubt a lot of packing & unpacking involved - the not so fun part about travelling.

You may have heard, I'm a big fan of Heys! (You can check out some of my past Heys postings here). FYI, Heys does not only makes great looking luggages, they also have great travel accessories! The Pack ID Packing Cube Set from Heys really came in handy. It made my packing so much easier and fun (there were stickers)! Thank you Heys!! I would definitely recommend the Pack ID!

The Pack ID Packing Cubes are designed to help you organize when packing. It comes in 5 piece set of different sizes. It also comes with reusable ID sticker labels, where you can quickly identify what you packed. It really helped me organize all my belongings AND save space in my luggage! It actually made packing fun! : )

FYI, it comes in a variety of colours, I chose the teal.

Doesn't this look so clean & organized? Note: that's the Heys xCase luggage.

Some other feature of the Pack ID Packing Cubes: They packing cubes are very light weight. You can avoid unhygienic dressers by keeping all your clothes in your Packing Cubes when you unpack. They're also great for day trips, overnighters, the gym or even just to use at home!

For more info about the Pack ID Packing Cube Set or to purchase a set, you can visit Heys website here. 

Thanks to Heys, I'm a happy traveller. (pic below) Me waiting at the Hong Kong Airport with my Heys xCase luggage.

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