Monday, April 13, 2015

Converse "Made by You" Campaign

This Spring, Converse launched "Made by you" - a landmark brand campaign celebrating fans of the brand who have been expressing themselves and their creativity in Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers for nearly 100 years. For this campaign, Converse searched the globe to collect beloved and distinctly personal Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers, each of which tells a story of transformation from blank canvas to self-portrait of their owner.

"Made by you" is a global celebration highlighting Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, the only sneaker defined by those who wear them. Converse has curated a collection of Chuck Taylor All Star portraits, showcasing endless diversity and self-expression of individuals past and present who choose to wear Chuck Taylor All Star - from musicians to artists, skaters to fashionistas, the known to the unknown. Their portraits offer a contemporary lens into the distinctly unique worlds they inhabit.

Portraits collected from the likes of international icons like Patti Smith, Andy Warhol, Futura, Sayo Yoshida and Glenn O'Brien were featured alongside portraits from everyday Chuck Taylor All Star wearers.

I absolutely love this campaign - such a fun & cool idea! A true celebration of creative individuals, their stories and their sneakers. I should definitely create my own "Made by you" portrait/poster, but which pair of chuck should I use? Stay tuned..... : )

What do you guys think of this campaign? Don't forget to keep an eye out for these "Made by you" sneaker portraits in and around Toronto!

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