Monday, June 23, 2014

Customize your Adidas with Instagram Pics

How cool is this news?! Adidas has created an app, launching in August, that will let users make a fashion statement by printing any photo, including Instagram pics, on a pair of sneakers!

This technology is part of the relaunch of 'mi adidas', the shoemaker's customizeable-sneakers program. You'll be able to print you pics on the ZX Flux shoes. Go and check out the video on adidas' Instagram post here.

Being a fan of both sneakers and Instagram - I am definitely intrigued! How about you? What do you think about wearing your filtered Instagram creations on your feet? So really, you can soon take a selfie and print it - on your sneakers! : )

I have over 1,400 pics so far on instagram, btw, please go follow me! Check out some of my Instagram pics below that I would consider printing on my sneakers.....

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