Sunday, December 1, 2013

One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale 2013

I checked out the One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale today. Believe it or not, it's actually my very first time (I know! How is that possible?!) However, I have attended the spring show before. Very glad to finally have the chance : )

A mini ice rink!
We got to the Direct Energy Centre at 10am, that was when it opened. Thinking to be there early and beat the crowd. How wrong was I - it was actually pretty busy already, there was a line up of people waiting to go in!! So great to see! People supporting locally handmade stuff!

There was so much to see, do and to eat/sample (the flavours area). I love to check out the Rising Stars area. I, somewhat feel close/relatable to the artisans there, since I too have my own creations: Hello! Stuff and would one day love to be a vendor. Check out my Hello! Stuff Etsy store here.

I really had a great time, and will try to go back before it ends. The show started Nov. 28 and will run until December 8. It's definitely worth checking out. A great place to do ALL your Christmas shopping! Take a look at some of my favourite stuff I saw at the show below. To those lucky winners who won tickets from my giveaway, don't forget to share your fav too! To everyone, make sure to share your experience of the show through social media, with #OOAKX13.

Engine No. 9 Vintage Ties
- love the silk-screened designs, and how it's placed/incorporated into the ties pattern! Especially the Converse All Star kicks hanging over the strip - very cool!!


Adorably Surly
- fun hand made, hand stitched, hand puppets!


Felt Factory
-interesting ... : )


Art by Erin Rothstein
- love her work, looks like photographs but they're paintings and drawings!

- love the subject matters and colours = FUN!! 


Forest & Waves

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