Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Marni at H&M:Pre-shop Event

I survived the Marni at H&M pre-shop event! Not only that, but got everything I wanted! I ended up getting both the graphic image T, sunglasses, the black and white dress shirt (love the pattern design), and the blue pocka dots short sleeve shirt.

Lucky me - so glad that I won a twitter contest through H&M for a chance to attend the pre-shop event. It happened at the Bloor Street location from 8pm - 10pm, the night before it goes on sale to the general public. I'm guessing about 150-200 people were invited.

As mentioned before, I got everything I wanted! The men's collection didn't go as quickly as the women's (so glad that I'm a guy - lol) Plenty of the men's stuff were still available, however mostly in bigger sizes. The ladies' collection was a different story.  Many of the dresses and accessories were all gone very quickly!

Good thing I slipped on the items I got, since the sizing was a bit different from regular H&M sizing. Once I got the right sizes, I really like how they all fitted on me. But no worries, if it doesn't fit or you change your mind, there is a 14 day return policy for the collection.

I was very happy with all my purchases! Can't wait to wear them-I might just wear one of the T tomorrow : ) Check out some of the pics I took....

Good luck to all the Marni shoppers tomorrow.

Bloor St. store window

Me, leaving happy with my purchases : )

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