Thursday, January 26, 2012

DC Comic's New Logo!

I'm not really a big comic book reader - however I am a fan of the super heroes; Spiderman, Superman and Batman are among my favourite.

DC Comics has released a new logo! It will be deployed in March 2012.

The new identity was designed by Landor. They explained "It was our goal to capture DC Entertainment in a dynamic and provocative identity. Our solution is a living expression which changes and adapts to the characters, story lines and the ways fans are consuming content. The new identity is built for the digital age, and can easily be animated and customized to take full advantage of the interactivity offered across all media platforms."

The new logo uses a "peel" effect. The D is strategically placed over the C with the upper right-hand portion of the D peeling back to unveil the hidden C - symbolizing the duality of the iconic characters that  are present within the DC Entertainment's portfolio.

I love the concept! I do prefer it more when the logo adapt to fit the distintive brands and characters - much more interesting and alive than the boring black and white rendition.

What do you guys think? Overall, yes, it's a pretty simple looking, but I don't mind it.
Note: it's also MY initial! : )

1976: The DC Bullet

2005: The DC Spin

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