Monday, October 9, 2017

Geox's Fall Collection - Nebula Trainers

I got the opportunity recently to check out GEOX'S Fall collection and got to pick up a pair too! There were so many beautiful choices! I wanted something that would be causal yet dressy. It must be comfy and of course, looks great! I went with the Nebula trainers - the blue sole got me : )

The Nebula trainers is not only eye catching - check out all the great features & benefits, which I had no idea before. It is Geox iconic shoe that concentrates maximum performance in the design. The brown coloured upper is in a very soft waterproof suede fabric, offering a personalized fit thanks to the elastic front strips with provide maximum flexibility and cushioning. The blue sole with Net Breathing System which guarantees excellent breathability and stability.

Resulting from the fusion of a modern design with maximum comfort, Nebula represents the peak of GEOX technology.  Designed for travelling the world, perfect for any season, they naturally adapt to every movement of the foot.

The combination of the Net Breathing System and Inner Breathing System equips the shoe with 360 degrees breathability, also thanks to the special lining that supports temperature regulation of the foot. Maximum flexibility, stability, comfort and grip are all guaranteed by the 3D Performance Unit.

Can you believe all these great benefits?! I love them even more and so glad I picked them : ) I've only been wearing them one time for these pics so far and I could tell you for sure that they're very comfy, super lightweight - like walking on a cloud! These Nebula trainers will definitely be in rotation for me this Fall.

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What do you think of my choice - Nebula trainers?

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