Tuesday, January 24, 2017

OLANG - The Boot with Grips!

You heard right - boots with grips! Yes, this is true! OLANG, the winter boot with pivoting grip, built to increase traction on ice and snow. How cool is that? These are perfect for winter in Canada. It comes in styles for men, women and children (no grips).

Created in 1990 and celebrating its 25 anniversary this year, OLANG was the first brand to offer the Canadian market fashion boots made in Europe and equipped with the OC System's built-in swivelling and folding ice cleats, a proprietary system developed in Italy by the OC System Co.

I have a pair & love them! They have grips - how neat is that?! They're easy to use - Grip on, you can step comfortably and securely on icy/snow surfaces. Grip-off, you can walk on any floor without worrying about damaging it. They work great and very well made. Lastly, Olang boots look great/stylish & super comfy. Check out the pics I took and how I wore them : )

Thank you Olang for making our winter season more enjoyable!

Men - Domingo
Some facts:
• Comfort zone up to -30 degrees celsius
• Mid-sole guaranteeing impact and compression resistance
• Breathe. Tex: Waterproof and breathable membrane
• OC System: Stainless steel studs, mounted on an exclusive framework of flexible polyurethane durable
• Efficient, light and durable
• Multilayer adjustment innersole made of 90% wool with insulating and reflective aluminum film
• Lining is enhanced with breathable, insulating Olantex film

Click here to read more about Olang technology.

Check out the video to see how exactly the grips work.

For more info, click here to visit Olang's website. They are available online and at selected retailers - click here to find Olang's boots nearest to you.  Unfortunately, there's still more winter left - will you be getting a pair? What are your thoughts of them?


  1. I hadn't heard of Olang boots before, but they sound totally amazing!! I slipped & fell & dislocated my elbow a couple of years ago, so now I am super cautious. I have been wearing the grippers that slip on, but find that they fall off. So I have lost one and my current pair fall off. So I WOULD LOVE TO BE THE PROUD OWNER OF A PAIR OF YOUR BOOT. I REALLY LIKE THE LOOK OF THE BAMBOO & GOTTARDS.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Sorry to hear about your fall. Sounds like you should go check out Olang boots - definitely go give it a try! Let me know what you think of them....

  2. I AM SUPER CAUTIOUS BECAUSE I FELL & DISLOCATED MY ELBOW. The OLANG boots would be PERFECT FOR ME as I am outdoors running my Golden Retriever every day. I have been using the GRIPPERS but they fall off & get lost easily. So I will start watching for Olangs!!