Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Stuff I Wore - Joe Fresh Fall Collection

I can't believe that Fall is already here. Eventhough Summer is my fav season, I do always look forward to Fall fashion! All the great colours and layering up opportunities! For all your Fall fashion essentials - the place to check out is Joe Fresh! The one stop place where you can pick up great fashion pieces for the whole family! Also, their price points are great - very affordable/reasonable for great style and quality pieces!  For all of Joe Fresh latest Fall styles, click here.

I've been wearing nothing but t-shirts & tank tops this summer. So, it was a great feeling to put on a long sleeve for a change : ) You can't go wrong with a button down shirt - make it a plaid one, the print/pattern for the season! It's the perfect layering piece too. There are many great colour to pick from, but I have a thing for green, so I went with this dark green shade.

I've been wearing jogger pants pretty much everyday for the past six months. Not only because I like the way it looks but mostly because they're super comfy! I was so happy to see these twill jogging pants and picked a pair up right away. The twill fabric is perfect for the Fall cooler weather and I just love the fit!

These fresh kicks are by Converse - the Counter Climate collection. More info about these great Chuck II in my future post.

As mentioned before, Joe Fresh fashion are very reasonable priced. I picked up my whole outfit for under $100! That's 3 pieces; a plaid shirt, twill jogging pant and active jacket!

Stay tuned to my instagram feed stardchiu to see how I outfit/style these pieces in different ways. Happy fall fashion shopping!

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