Sunday, March 6, 2016

Converse Chuck II - Reflective Print Collection

How cool is this? Revolutionary Chuck ll unveiled with inventive light reflecting graphics! Following the successful Fall 2015 launch of Chuck ll sneakers, the latest incarnation launching in Spring is the Reflective Print Collection. Continuing the Chuck ll journey, but updated with a series of street-ready prints that bounce striking patterns when hit by bursts of light in low-light environments.

"When creating the latest version of our successful Chuck ll sneaker, we were inspired by our consumers and being able to further enhance their creative and active lifestyles" said Ryan Case, Converse Product Director. " With the Chuck ll Reflective Print, we've given our consumers a sneaker that provokes personal style while enhancing visibility in low light, enabling them to do more of what they enjoy throughout the day or night."

This latest Reflective Print Collection reimagines two of Converse's most iconic prints, Camouflage and Stars. They will be available in both hi-top and ox silhouettes. The camouflage is now available with the Stars print following in April.

What do you guys think of the new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star ll Reflective Print Collection? Definitely a cool idea! Below are some pics from the Spring launch media event in Toronto.

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