Friday, November 7, 2014

Sanuk - A Happy, Feel Good Footwear!

FYI - Sanuk is the Thai word for funk and happiness.

It's no surprise, I'm a huge fan of footwear and I would like to introduce to you guys Sanuk! I recently got the opportunity to try on a pair, and loved it! It was the Cassius, a new style from their fall collection. Once I slipped my feet into them, my feet, like the Sanuk logo have not been happier. They were light, super comfy and great looking. I love the detailing too; the custom print soft canvas lining and the happy U rubber outsole. It just puts a smile on your face!

A little background info: Sanuk was founded in 1997 and was created to provide a comfortable and unique footwear experience to a niche surfing and skating market. With design inspiration from world travels, Sanuk footwear is made up of unconventional items suck as tubes, carpets and yoga mats. Neat, eh? I love their brand identity, which is based on spreading happiness - closely tied to free-spirited surf lifestyle.

As mentioned before, Sanuk uses unique materials such as yoga mat fabric, molded footbeds and vulc-lite soles, to ensure your feet make it through whatever your day may bring. Also, Sanuk uses an antimicrobial additive so you don't have to worry about the odour and bacteria. Plus, get this - they are made using vegan and vegetarian-friendly materials! How cool?!

Sanuk offers unique and comfortable footwear for men, women and children. There are shoes, Sidewalk Surfers and Sandals. For their latest collection, you can check out their website here. You can order them online or get them at your local shoes retailers.

Give a Sanuk a try - you'll love them. Don't forget to 'Smile... Pass it On!'




Sidewalk Surfers

Sidewalk Surfers

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