Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Converse All Star Fall Collection 2014


Looking to add to your Converse collection? The new Fall Converse Chuck Taylor All Star collection include the Back Zip and Tri Zip, which incorporate zipper detailing to create a stylish look. Distressed washes and contemporary graphic prints also get highlighted this season to create a modern collection fashioned through a vintage inspired lens.

The Fall collection is available now at retailers nationwide. Which styles will you be picking up? I am loving the zipper detailing.

Back Zip:
Providing a new twist to a classic silhouette, the Back Zip is available in a vintage wash twill with an embroidered Converse All Star patch. 

Tri Zip:
A brand new style for fall, features zipper detailing with pops of colour and materials. It's available in a sparkle washed canvas and premium suede.

Features a photo-real feather print available in high-top. It showcases a premium execution with shimmery metallic overlay.

'70 Woven:
The material featured has a hand-crafted look and feel with details such as round leather laces and tanned leather toecaps.

Returns with update prints including zebra, giraffe and cheetah animal prints. Additionally, the zebra print features UV sensitive technology, turning the white of the shoe royal blue and laces yellow when exposed to the light.

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