Monday, May 12, 2014

PUNGAS - 3D Printed Shoe Accessories!

Pungas by Hickies - Horns

I wanted to share with you this very cool product by the people who created Hickies, the elastic lacing system. If you've been following me, you know that I'm a fan of Hickies - turning any sneaker into a slip-on! Check out my past postings here, or Hickies' site here for more background info.

Hickies, collaborating with Shapeways (a 3D printing marketplace) and artists of the Pictoplasma design community is launching this new product called PUNGAS. They are 3D printed shoe accessories. They are easy to use, wearable on different parts of your sneakers, colourful, and the byproduct of an exclusive collaboration between Hickies and international artists.

"The release of PUNGAS has more than one purpose. We want to give our community a way to rethink their footwear and have fun in a creative and unconventional way. We also think that PUNGAS is living proof that 3D printing technology is changing the way we shop and produce," says Gaston Frydlewski, CEO and co-founder of Hickies.

There is a Kickstarter campaign for Pungas. Head over for more information and learn all about this cool product! If you make a pledge, you'll get them before they hit stores. Plus, you'll also be able to get limited edition designs too. Help spread the words about Pungas!

Check out some of the Pungas below - how fun and neat designs, right? Stay tuned to my blog, I will definitely keep you guys updated about PUNGAS! : )

Pungas by Pictoplasma.

Pungas by Pictoplasma.

Pungas by Pictoplasma.

Pungas by Pictoplasma.

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  1. I love unusual styles and these are perfect :)