Sunday, January 5, 2014

Stuff I Wore - Converse All Star

Hello 2014! Happy New Year! I wish everyone all the best! For my very first 'Stuff I Wore' posting of the year, there will actually be TWO outfits, both featuring one of my fav sneaker brand - Converse All Star! Both styles are from their Fall/Winter collection. There's the Woodsy Boot and the Studded High top. I love them both equally - comfy and stylish. Both of the styles should still be available in stores.

Woodsy Boot

Jacket is from Forever 21Men, chunky scarf from the H&M, and pants from Hollister

Sunglasses from H&M, t-shirt from TopMan at The Hudson Bay, sleeveless jacket and pants from Levis. Pics were taken early Fall 2013.

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