Friday, April 19, 2013

Giveaway: Hickies - Elastic Lacing System

As promised, here it is: Hickies giveaway!

If you had read my posting from before (which I'm sure you had), you'll know what Hickies are all about. You can also check out their website here.

Hickies is an elastic lacing system that replaces traditional shoelaces and lets you easily slip in and out of your shoes while keeping them snug and secure. What a great idea, eh? I received some samples and tried them out for myself. I just loved them, no more tying shoelaces - just slip in and go! They come in many colours so you can customize your sneakers and stand out from the crowd!

My boring pair of sneakers.
Sneakers with Hickies - so much cooler : )

Hickies adjust to any shoe size, from kids to grown-ups. As long as your shoe has eyelets, Hickies will fit. They are elastic so they stretch out as far as your feet need them to, and they have memory so they return to their original size. You will love them! They were even included in this year's gift bags to the stars at both the Oscars and the Grammys! Check out pics of my sneakers with Hickies!


Now, I'm sure you guys are dying to give Hickies a try, am I right? Thanks to the people from Hickies, I have FIVE packs to giveaway! This means that five lucky readers will be sporting some very cool looking kicks!

Very nice packaging!

In the meantime, if you want to see how Hickies would look on your favourite sneakers - you can go and download their free app - it's fun and easy to use.

Here's what you will have to do to enter and you will receive an entry per methods. Lots of ways, the more methods = more entries into the draw.

1. Facebook: You must if you haven't, LIKE my David Chiu Stuff Facebook page, and then 'like' the Hickies giveway post to receive one entry. A bonus entry if you share it on your wall.

2. Twitter: Follow @stardchiu and @hickies. Tweet the following: (cut and paste)

Goodbye shoelaces! I want  Elastic Lacing System! Chance to WIN 1/5 packs   RT 4slip-ons! 

3. Leave a comment below: Telling me which colour Hickies you would pick?

4. For THREE extra entries, follow me on Instagram @stardchiu AND take a pic of a pair of sneakers you would like to add Hickies to. MUST do both to get the three entries. Make sure to add comment to @stardchiu and #hickies #dchickiesgiveaway to your pic.

Five readers will be randomly chosen from all the entries. Giveaway is open to BOTH Canadian and US residents. Enter before April 28, 2013 at 10pm EST. Good luck and time to turn you shoes into slip-ons!


  1. white and black are the colour I like best

  2. i would choose pink - these would be awesome for my daughter - she hates tying her shoes!

  3. I would pick blue.

  4. I would love white/black hickies!

  5. I would pick the White and Black. I'm a referee for an independent pro-wrestling organization so it would fit well with the style of being a referee.

  6. i would love a white one for my white basketball shoes!

  7. I would love the hot pink ones..

  8. I'd get the white and black because I do referee work for an independent pro wrestling promotion.

  9. I would pick the black/black color

  10. I would pick the black Hickies if I won.