Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Outfit Postings

If you're on my Facebook, following me on twitter or instagram, I'm sure you've noticed my instagram outfit postings. I was kinda inspired by other bloggers and postings I follow. I figured why not start showcasing my style/outfits.

I love fashion and shopping. And I think I have a pretty good sense of style - you guys can let me know : ) I enjoy putting outfits together and like experimenting/being adventurous with clothing. My style is pretty clean looking. I tried to look for pieces that have unique details. I do like trends but don't go overboard. I like fitted pieces and not afraid of wearing colours; yellow pants, pink tops - bring them on. Lastly the outfit has to be comfortable!

I love and collect lots - shoes/sneakers, watches, bags/backpacks, t-shirts, etc. I like to get items in a wide range of styles/colours - let just say I like to have a variety. Yes - I may have an issue, lol. Plus I really need a bigger closet! FYI, I also included where I got the pieces I'm wearing. You might notice, I am a big fan of H&M.

I would like to thank you my great big sister for taking most of my outfit pics. It's not easy - I'm pretty picky. Thank you for her patience and being a great photographer!

To check out my outfit postings, there's a couple options: follow me on twitter (on the left), follow me on instagram. If you're on instagram, you can also do a search #dchiuoutfits. I am also thinking of doing more detail posting of my outfits here, so stay tune.

I hope you guys enjoy my outfits/postings, I have fun posing/modeling in them. Hopefully it will give you guys ideas ie. what colours works together, how to mix patterns, how to wear certain pieces, etc. and inspire you to have fun and experiment with your outfits. Looking for a stylist? Let me know! : )

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