Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Versace for H&M Shopping Experience

Not sure if anyone else went to the Versace for H&M today but I was there! Yeah, I was one of those 'crazy fashion people', but I don't think I am 'that crazy' like some who set up tents and waited over night.

I went to the Yorkdale location. I was there around 6:30 am (the store opens at 8 am). For some reason, we had to wait outside the mall. I was told that there was about 150 people inside lining up already. Good thing it wasn't too cold and that it was only for about 20 mins, we then got to go in and joined the line up. It was pretty organized, so that was a good thing.

In the line, we were then given wrist band (only if you were shopping the women's collection) with our shopping time slot along with a shopping instruction. Even though I wasn't shopping the women's collection, I still had to get one.

Since I was only shopping the men's collection, I got myself into the store at around 8:15am. It was a bit hectic, but lots of security all around to keep things under control - you know how us, crazy shoppers can get - lol. Unlike last year, during the Lavin collection, posters were knocked down and people were undressing the mannequins.

Overall, I was happy with my Versace shopping experience : ) Got most of the stuff that I wanted plus more! Good thing there's a 14 days return policy, since I'm thinking of bringing back some of those 'impluse/changed my mind' buys.

For those whose interesting in owning some Versace, let me know asap. The items I will be returning are: t-shirt (Small), pair of black tailored trouser (waist 32R), and a pair of black leather shoes (size 9)

Here are some pics of my day and purchases...

Waiting in line....

Shopping instructions - it's serious stuff : )
Wrist band: note the Greek pattern.

Store window display.

Women's Versace area

Men's Versace shopping area.

My purchases!! Colourful shopping bags...

Got the optical print t-shirt I wanted - but the
design looks different from their site?

Got the scarf with the Greek pattern - a Cashmere blend : )

Check out this high-top leather shoes!

I love the detailing - crocodile print pattern inside!

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